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JP-2000099408-A: Feepromデイスク管理システム及びその管理方法並びにその制御プログラムを記録した記録媒体 patent, JP-2000102823-A: 折曲げ加工方法および折曲げ加工装置 patent, JP-2000103181-A: Sheet for information carrier patent, JP-2000103335-A: Bearing device for railway vehicle patent, JP-2000104240-A: Connecting structure for fish path block patent, JP-2000104772-A: Suspension coil spring for automobile patent, JP-2000105998-A: Semiconductor device having pump circuit patent, JP-2000106060-A: 連結機構 patent, JP-2000106133-A: 直流点灯用メタルハライド放電ランプ、直流点灯用メタルハライド放電ランプ点灯装置および照明装置 patent, JP-2000106168-A: アルカリ蓄電池 patent, JP-2000106315-A: ビーズインダクタの製造方法 patent, JP-2000106474-A: Semiconductor element having quantum wave interference layer and design thereof patent, JP-2000107278-A: Skin ulcer supplementation and restoration material patent, JP-2000107506-A: 浄液方法 patent, JP-2000107530-A: 局所用空気清浄機 patent, JP-2000108055-A: Connecting-type steel lever patent, JP-2000108236-A: Fiber-reinforced thermoplastic resin laminated sheet, its molding method, medical supporting tool using the same, and its molding method patent, JP-2000109343-A: 光触媒組成物及びその製造方法 patent, JP-2000109539-A: 貯蔵安定性メチレンビス(フェニルイソシアネ―ト)組成物 patent, JP-2000109947-A: Sour resistant steel plate excellent in toughness of heat affected zone and its production patent, JP-2000111236-A: 冷蔵庫用殺菌・脱臭筒 patent, JP-2000111545-A: Preventive method for dew condensation in water- quality measuring apparatus patent, JP-2000111609-A: 基板の温度調節用ステージ及びその電源回路 patent, JP-2000112260-A: Color image forming device patent, JP-2000112933-A: 情報処理装置および情報処理方法 patent, JP-2000113170-A: 指紋画像入力装置 patent, JP-2000113267-A: 硬貨識別装置 patent, JP-2000114119-A: 電解コンデンサ patent, JP-2000114317-A: 回路板 patent, JP-2000114912-A: Piezoelectric component patent, JP-2000115142-A: Communication system patent, JP-2000115218-A: Subscriber device for burst optical transmission system patent, JP-2000115231-A: 音声データ送信装置、音声データ受信装置および音声データ送受信装置 patent, JP-2000116248-A: 法面等への雑草制御マット固定用ブロック patent, JP-2000116485-A: Stand flower arrangement with goods patent, JP-2000116549-A: しゃもじ patent, JP-2000116991-A: 洗濯物の雨露防除具 patent, JP-2000117112-A: ガソリン留分の水素化脱硫触媒、その製造方法およびガソリン組成物 patent, JP-2000117464-A: 摩擦肉盛方法 patent, JP-2000118750-A: Medium transferring conveying device patent, JP-2000119550-A: Titanium oxide coating material composition, its production and titanium-carried sheet patent, JP-2000119724-A: Device for charging preventive for slag foaming patent, JP-2000119807-A: Deformed reinforcing bar and its manufacture patent, JP-2000120352-A: 建築物の構造 patent, JP-2000120434-A: Automobile exhaust pipe connection jig patent, JP-2000120457-A: Diesel engine patent, JP-2000121439-A: Apparatus and method for determining color patent, JP-2000121468-A: 陽極接合方法 patent, JP-2000122064-A: Alignning treatment of liquid crystal alignment film and its device patent, JP-2000122864-A: Data processing system and instruction system using aggregating patent, JP-2000123394-A: Optical recording information reproducing device patent, JP-2000123839-A: シート状集電体用の導電剤塗布装置 patent, JP-2000124164-A: 半導体装置の製造方法及び実装方法 patent, JP-2000124377-A: ローラーによるicガルウイングリード成形装置 patent, JP-2000124593-A: Reflow device and method patent, JP-2000125175-A: Camera, image processing system and recording medium patent, JP-2000125212-A: Image pickup module patent, JP-2000126443-A: Duel card pay-out device for duel card game and preparation of duel card patent, JP-2000126553-A: 窒素酸化物除去装置 patent, JP-2000126705-A: 非接触式板状体表面清掃装置における境界層破壊装置 patent, JP-2000127319-A: 少なくとも1つのポリエステルベ―スの層とエポキシ基を有するバインダ―層とを含む複合構造 patent, JP-2000127871-A: Structural unit for openable vehicle roof patent, JP-2000128919-A: オレフィン重合体製造用触媒成分及びその製造方法並びにオレフィン重合体の製造方法 patent, JP-2000129476-A: Deoiling method of wire coil and device therefor patent, JP-2000129804-A: Bracket of cover for steel sill patent, JP-2000130207-A: Vehicle speed control device patent, JP-2000130333-A: Dryer for inside of hermetic compressor patent, JP-2000130731-A: Method and apparatus for controlling incinerator temperature patent, JP-2000132061-A: Process cartridge and electrophotographic image forming device patent, JP-2000132147-A: 安定化回路およびその安定化回路を用いた電源回路 patent, JP-2000132190-A: Voice recording and reproducing device patent, JP-2000132401-A: 車載用制御装置 patent, JP-2000132716-A: 旅客業務管理システム patent, JP-2000132879-A: 光磁気記録媒体 patent, JP-2000132955-A: Insertion port-lighting device of vehicle-mounted storage medium reproduction device patent, JP-2000133600-A: Heat treatment apparatus and method for measuring temperature of substrate patent, JP-2000134243-A: N:n通信システム patent, JP-2000134289-A: 電話装置 patent, JP-2000134975-A: Controlling brushless motor patent, JP-2000135314-A: Game machine patent, JP-2000135412-A: Gas recovering device and gas recovery patent, JP-2000135664-A: 弾性機構付ディスクサンダー patent, JP-2000135769-A: Sheet piece laminating apparatus and method patent, JP-2000137519-A: ユニット装置監視システム patent, JP-2000138211-A: Method of forming silicon oxide film and for manufacturing thin-film transistor patent, JP-2000138259-A: 半導体装置およびその製造方法 patent, JP-2000138436-A: セラミック配線基板 patent, JP-2000139417-A: Processed fishery food and its production patent, JP-2000139750-A: 放水機能付きジェットバス patent, JP-2000140051-A: Massaging tool patent, JP-2000140305-A: パチンコ機 patent, JP-2000140377-A: Pachinko machine patent, JP-2000140989-A: ボス部を有するかさ歯車の加工方法及びその金型 patent, JP-2000141329-A: ユ−ズドブリック調ブリック及びその製造方法 patent, JP-2000141639-A: インクジェットヘッド patent, JP-2000141864-A: 記録方法、記録装置及び被記録媒体 patent, JP-2000142119-A: Vehicle panel and its manufacture patent, JP-2000142249-A: 自動車用コインケース patent, JP-2000143045-A: Paper threading device to former of folding machine in printing machine patent, JP-2000143425-A: Insect pest repellent and repelling of insect pest patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent,

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